The Construção Sustentável Portal appeared in 2010 at a time when the construction sector was in deep crisis. Excess construction was an unavoidable reality and the need for quality in construction was increasingly imperative. Therefore, implementing measures to reduce resource consumption has become an urgent need, not only due to environmental but also social issues.


Portal de Arquitetura e Construção Sustentável


Create an accessible Website and App for Companies and individuals interested in sustainable materials and construction.


Greater ease of access to the company's services and products through the App and Website.


The company Portal da Arquitectura e Construção Sustentável operates in the Sustainable Architecture and Ecological Design sector, targeting companies and individuals interested in sustainable architecture and design.

The website and App had the following objectives:

  • Present sustainable architecture services and products;
  • Highlight previous projects and sustainable approach.
  • Provide information on green building and design practices.
  • Facilitate contact through forms.
  • Offer educational resources about sustainability.

Solution Presented

Make IT Digital presented a solution that highlights the specialized services and products available. Furthermore, it simplifies contact, with a clear and engaging presentation. With this new website and application the company has an effective tool to reach its target audience and promote its message of sustainability and ecological design.



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