WordPress Optimization

At Make It Digital we boost performance, ensuring that your site is fast, responsive and fully in line with the best digital practices. Increase your visibility and offer an exceptional visitor experience. Transform your WordPress site with us and achieve maximum impact on the web!

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Reasons that can cause your website to slow down

Hosting/Server with Limited Capacity

Too many plugins

Pending Updates

 Poorly optimized site programming

Our Analysis

  • We take a detailed look at the plugins in use, optimizing or removing those that slow things down.
  • We check the theme that was used to build your site, to see if it could be the reason for the site’s slowness.
  • We analyze the structure of your site to correct elements that may be contributing to slowness.
  • We check the servers to ensure fast and stable connectivity.

Our Proposal

In the search for a faster and more efficient website, we offer tailor-made solutions.

  • We regularly update our plugins, assessing their relevance.
  • We create specific code to replace plugins, thus guaranteeing agile performance.

Transform your online presence with us and experience a faster, more responsive website.

Own Cache Plugin

Speed up your online experience with our own caching plugin, developed in-house to deliver unrivaled performance.

We guarantee faster and more efficient navigation, putting control of your site in your hands. Boost speed with the innovation we offer.

Site installation on dedicated servers

Opt for the best in hosting! We install your site on dedicated servers, managed by our specialized team, guaranteeing maximum performance. Enjoy the stability and speed your site deserves. Transform your online presence with our high-performance hosting.

The process


We analyze the quality of the site and aspects that could be improved

Plugin updates

We update the essential plugins that improve your site's performance.


We analyze the code and, if necessary, change it for better performance.


We significantly strengthen your site's security by implementing improvements through specialized plugins.

Optimized Cache System for Wordpress

We have developed a customized caching plugin, providing improvements and extending functionality.


We install your site on dedicated servers, managed by our team, ensuring maximum performance.

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